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Agriculture: Water, An Indispensable Resource

Agriculture: Water, an indispensable resource

More and more farmers know and realize that despite the blue color of the earth, the amount of freshwater readily available for terrestrial life is very low. So how can we save, preserve and evaluate this resource for today and tomorrow?

In agriculture, water is an indispensable resource which is likely to be faced with an increase in restrictions on the volumes of water allocated to this area of activity. Irrigation is vital to meet the needs of different crops. Between the scarcity of this resource and the rise of intensive agriculture, irrigation has lost much of its positive image. It is used to produce nearly 40% of the world’s food supply on almost 20% of agricultural land.

In addition, the first effects of climate change are already being felt with drought episodes much more severe, and especially, more frequent in certain regions of France and the world. In Europe, the authorities, alarmed by the situation, have decided to work to preserve water, a rare and vital resource for humans. IRSTEA (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture) has been conducting extensive research over the last few years with the goal of regulating the use of water in agriculture and especially to formulate concrete solutions to preserve the maximum of this resource . This study is based on two key issues: Water governance and precision irrigation.

With SINASENS Smart Agri , Sinafis responds favorably to the initiatives launched by IRSTEA. Our innovative product makes it possible to evaluate the annual quantities of water needed by a farmer. SINASENS Smart Agri combines perfectly with precision irrigation, data (soil condition, hydrometry, leaf humidity, etc.) in real time allowing the farmer to irrigate his crops according to their general condition.

SINASENS Smart Agri Allows farmers to save considerable amounts of water while saving them time and energy.

We invite you to visit our SINASENS Smart Agri product brochure . If you already know about SINASENS Smart Agri , we can offer you a totally free personalised study by clicking on this link.

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