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At the heart of our economic model is the democratization of high technologies. In the agricultural world, we have been able to identify important needs related to a common point: the land. There are many different agricultural activities, but each farmer is unique due to his or her knowledge, soil and crop selection, tools and methodologies, etc.

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<p align = Our mission: To learn about the farmer’s daily needs in order to improve the performance and production of the farm and help it realize savings with a purely ecological approach.

Today, high-tech products for the agricultural sector are very expensive and few farmers take the plunge and invest. SINAFIS has developed SINASENS SMARTAGRI , a technologically advanced and affordable product for small and large farms (winegrowers, vegetable farmers, fruit growers, cereal growers, etc.).

SINASENS SMARTAGRI is a fully customizable solution that offers assistance for irrigation management, optimizing agricultural maintenance and preventing waterborne problems.

SINASENS SMARTAGRI allows farmers to realize considerable water economies, saving both time and energy.

To respond to the demands of today’s agriculture, we have created a sensor system with the following characteristics:

• Measures relative humidity of the air and soil
• Measures air and soil temperature
• Measures humidity on the leaves
• Uses very low power technology (Sigfox® or Lora®)
• Data transmission by low-frequency radio (long-range ISM band)
• Battery powered
• Autonomy of up to several years
• Dedicated and secure customer interface that is fully customizable

SINASENS SMARTAGRI is a low cost, all-in-one service

Pilot Project: An interview with Olivier P., vegetable producer in the department of Tarn and Garonne...

SINAFIS : When you were approached by our company to become an official tester of our first product, what was your first reaction?
Olivier P. : I was immediately intrigued by the proposal because this product allows for better management of irrigation, a fundamental element in agriculture. For us, vegetable farmers, watering is very time consuming. Not to mention that a deficiency or an excess can be crippling for the whole harvest.

SINAFIS : Once the sensor system was operational and you had access to information in real time, did you take it into account and change your irrigation practices or did you not do anything?
Olivier P. : After looking at the data from the sensor system, I considerably reduced the irrigation and, thus, at the same time, the problems of diseases due to excessive moisture. This is an important factor for me, because I practice organic farming.

SINAFIS : After 8 months of use, could you do without the valuable information transmitted by the SINAFIS sensor system ?
Olivier P. : Even in this pre-production stage, I cannot do without this information. SinaSens Agri provides me with a significant level of comfort and security. Thanks to this solution, I can see, in the long term, a complete automation of the management of my irrigation system.

SINAFIS : Any other comments?
Olivier P. : This solution will certainly allow farmers of different crops to deal with water related issues. And remember, the more Sinafis’s solution is used, the more water savings will be realized. That’s a real ecological advance!

Are you ready to optimize your farm? Contact us for a free proposal personalized to your farming needs!

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